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In each subsequent month the insurance company will record an adjusting entry to reduce the liability account Unearned Premium Revenues by $2,000 and report $2,000 as Premium Revenues on its income statement. A Deferred expense or prepayment, prepaid expense, plural often prepaids, is an asset representing cash paid out to a counterpart for goods or services to be received in a later accounting period. For example, if a service contract is paid quarterly in advance, at the end of the first month of the period two months remain as a deferred expense. Deferrals are the result of cash flows occurring before they are allowed to be recognized under accrual accounting.

Suppose a company decided to receive a payment in advance for a year-long subscription service. In short, there is no receipt of cash payment for an accrual, whereas there is a payment of cash made in advance for a deferral. Here, we see that the company has received an advance payment of $160,000. These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word ‘deferral.’ Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

Why Are Deferrals Important?

“There’s nobody who’s trying to add to the deferrals, but there’s a whole bunch of people who have an economic incentive to take the deferrals out,” she said. The cut blocks north of Revelstoke represent the kind of situation that Petryshen said should be addressed through B.C.’s field verification process. The panel found the accuracy of projected age of trees in the database dropped “considerably” for stands older than 200 years, Price said. The rules relating to catch-up contributions are complex and your limits may differ according to provisions in your specific plan. You should contact your plan administrator to find out whether your plan allows catch-up contributions and how the catch-up rules apply to you. Deferred expense transactions are common in small businesses, and we will cover a few of them here.


For instance, an employer may contribute matching amounts equal to up to 3% of the employee’s salary. Company ABC is a large manufacturing company with a large customer base. The company has received a lot of orders for manufacturing a new equipment, and many customers have put an advanced payment to verify the order.

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We have seen that deferred revenue is when the company has received the amount for the service or product that has not yet been delivered. This revenue is, therefore, not counted as revenue by the company at this stage. Now, this revenue which is also termed unearned revenue is recorded as a liability on the balance sheet.

  • A deferral also dictates the kind of adjusting entries made at the time of accounting.
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  • A plan with a 401(k) feature may also reduce the amount you can defer to ensure that the plan meets nondiscrimination requirements.
  • The rest is added to deferred income (liability) on the balance sheet for that year.
  • Hasn’t publicly stated which nations have agreed to the proposed deferrals, but Watt said the area wasn’t captured by the deferral mapping in the first place.

This makes it a liability because the company still owes the goods or services to its customers. This revenue is recognized when the delivery of goods or services actually takes place. Generally, deferral refers to prepaid Law Firm Bookkeeping 101 expenses or revenues that a firm makes. For instance, the insurance payments that a firm makes precede the coverage period. Hence, the cost of insurance is deferred on the balance sheet until the next payment.


Therefore, always consult with accounting and tax professionals for assistance with your specific circumstances. Allocating the income to sales revenue may not seem like a big deal for one subscription, but imagine doing it for a hundred subscriptions, or a thousand. The earnings would be overstated, and company management would not get an accurate picture of expenses vs revenue. An example of a deferral would be a company paying for rent in advance. In order to abide by the matching principle, a deferral must be made to adjust for the prepaid rent expense.

  • In order to abide by the matching principle, a deferral must be made to adjust for the prepaid rent expense.
  • Utilities provide the service (gas, electric, telephone) and then bill for the service they provided based on some type of metering.
  • Because of the similarity between deferrals and their corresponding accruals, they are commonly conflated.
  • By the end of the year, you would have recognized the entire prepaid amount as an insurance expense.
  • Adam, the company’s accountant, want to list the down payments of clients to get an idea of deferred revenues.
  • The remaining $10,000 should be deferred to a balance sheet liability account, such as Unearned Premium Revenues.